It’s all in your hand

As I sit here on a Sunday morning reading on my iPad, I’m still struck at how amazing this piece of technology really is. Even after four years, I’m still blown away by what the iPad allows me to to achieve (from really anywhere).

If I want to read a book, I open up iBooks, browse some titles, get a sample & flip through some pages. And I can buy it RIGHT THEN and have it right away.

Sunday mornings have truly become my “stop and smell the roses” moment for technology.

Supply chains

“News” surfaced recently that Foxconn is halting production of the iPhone 5C and ramping up production of the 5s at it’s Zhengzhou factory.

Naturally, the blogosphere is abuzz with ‘5c: FAILURE’. Even when those bloggers have no facts (other than “industry insiders”), that doesn’t stop them from inventing wild speculation (speculation that, in turn, helps to manipulate the stock price).

Has anyone thought that perhaps Apple can produce the 5c model at more than twice the rate as the 5s? (which is entirely possible given that it’s internals are the same as the iPhone 5).

And now that they have a surplus, they’re shifting production to the 5s to handle unprecedented demand? Or maybe that their plan all along was to produce 5c and 5s for 3 months, then shift production to the 5s if necessary?

The point I’m making here is that even though no one has any concrete facts, that doesn’t stop news from being invented. STOP INVENTING STORIES, PEOPLE.

Remember Tim Cook’s statement about not looking at “a single data point in the supply chain”? That was a nice way of saying “you don’t know WTF you’re talking about”.


Aren’t analysts supposed to analyze?

analyst: a person who analyses or is skilled in analysis

Seems that some people need to go back to school. If you’re an “analyst”, don’t you think you’d learn a bit about that “thing” that you’re analyzing?

Not the case for “investor analysts”. How many times is “the market disappointed” by an Apple event? Seems to be the norm lately. And it’s because of false expectations.

Take the iPhone 5c announcement. Many “analysts” were disappointed because Apple didn’t announce a low-end phone that many “were expecting them to”. Where does this expectation come from? Certainly not Apple. If you had even an inkling of how Apple worked, you’d know that their M.O. is not to compete on price. They NEVER HAVE. Apple has never competed in the “race to the bottom”.

Yet, these “analysts” still lower the stock target price because Apple isn’t doing something that the “analysts” think they should. Which is totally opposite of how Apple has always operated. Does this strike anyone else as a bit nuts?

Twitter changes

Twitter recently changed the way conversations are viewed on their website and mobile app to make it easier to follow conversations. And the Internet lost it’s mind. Repeatedly.

It’s funny how people get so upset about a FREE SERVICE. “How dare that damn Twitter change things?! I pay good money to use this service!”

Some of the tweets about the change are particularly nasty. I guess those people missed that “free” doesn’t always correlate to “my demands”.